Bag Measurements

Breifcase Measurments by Time Resistance

VIP Bag Measurements:

Here at VIP Boots and Bags we want your shopping experience to be as helpful as possible so you have a real good idea of what size bag you are ordering. You will find bag dimensions in the discription of a product you are looking at. The numbers are inch or centimeter measurements and the letters represent the length (L), width (W) height (H) and/or depth (D) for example: 14.6” L x 2.2” W (up to 7.9″) x 10.6” H.  When measuring bags the symbol (“) = inches and the letters (in) = inches & (cm) = centimeters. The bags measurement are given from the distributor or the manufacturer for the bags they offer.  Straps are some times listed and a strap drop is measured from its longest drop from the hanging point, your shoulder, to the bag.

  • Length (L) measures the distance across the “front” base of the bag – left to right or a designer may refer it as Width.
  • Width (W) measures the shorter “side” of the base – back to front of the bag, sometimes called Depth or Height.
  • Height (H) measures the distance from the top of the bag to the base or some may refer it as Width.
  • Depth (D) Depth is somewhat different. If one speaks of depth, one is thinking about a bag of some sort, and the depth is how far “in” the bag goes, whichever direction is “in” the bag. This depends on what part of the world it is manufactured as we have found it can refer to width of a handbag. 
  • Drop measures the distance from the top of the strap(s) to the body of the bag, also refered to as strap drop or shoulder drop length.
  • NOTE: If we have an image that shows how a bag is measured we will post it for you to see. As we find different manufacturers or suppliers describe these differently. 
Handbag Dim. by Versace 1969
Duffle Bag measurements by Time Resistance
Backpack measurments by Time Resistance
Tactical Backpack dimensions